Overflowing Abundance

Abundant Beauty

I spent part of the Christmas holidays at a cottage where there was snow and a frozen lake. I was struck by its beauty – it’s abundant beauty. The sky was amazing, so big and clear being away from the city. The night sky was amazing – I recalled a childhood past time of finding constellations and of my dream to go out in space. One of my cousins informed me that that dream could come true – for $20k or so. Anyone want to donate to my fund for making my dream come true? I remember standing on the lake and looking up at the sky and just thinking about how much there is to explore and simply enjoy in creation. There is a whole abundance beyond this world that we know very little about!

While I was there, I was reading a book on Hospitality that I got for Christmas. This book was more about the theological reflection of our relationship with God, His hospitality and our acceptance of that hospitality rather than the practical ins and outs of practicing hospitality. One of the themes of the book was God’s abundance. It claims that God is not a God of scarcity – we see over and over in Scripture how He lavishes us with so much. Creation is just an example. But we see the people in the desert where God daily provided an abundance of manna, and then in the feeding of the five thousand with bushels full of left over food. We see in Christ how God gives his most precious gift – His Son – for us, so that we might be able to be in right relationship with God again.

I have been considering taking courses again towards my master of Divinity degree and I have been hesitating for a couple of reasons, one being spending the money. But I came home to cheques in the mail that for me, their amounts were abundant – way more than what I would spend on the courses. Unexpected overflowing abundance.

The book claims that our hospitality practices flow from the overflowing abundance that God lavishes upon us. That it just simply spills over because we live in gratitude. That we will give of ourselves, our home, our resources because we are filled. Filled so much that we are overflowing.

So my new year’s resolution is to live out of the abundance of what God lavishes on me. To live into His joy and love. To let Him fill me, fill me to the point that I can’t help but share this with others.


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