I am taking a course called “Monastic and Missional” and as part of the course we are reading through Esther de Waal’s A life-giving way: A commentary on the rule of St Benedict. We are supposed to be using the prayer method Lectio Divina which first guides us to set our hearts and minds on God and to give him our worries and our fears and all that is burdening us. Then it is a reading of the text, allowing a word or a phrase or a sentence to stand out and to reflect, meditate and think about what stands out and what it means and how it applies to our lives. It is an ancient form of prayer that I am learning how to do.

Anyways, as many people know, I have been going through an emotionally difficult time over the past month or so fighting the war(t)* of depression (*see earlier post for the explanation of this image ;-)) I found myself today with a lot of things to empty before God and to trust that he will carry them for me.

Here is my prayer for today.

My heart is heavy O my God, and aches with pain. Oh Lord, carry me through this time. Watch my every step, catch me as I fall, protect me as I trip. Bring comfort and healing to the core of my being. Touch my wounds with your love. And bring me into your wholeness, Shalom, peace. Amen

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