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These are a few of my favourite things

Growing up, we must have watched “The Sound of Music” at least a million times. My sister L. when she was 2 years old absolutely loved this movie and would have her quiet time watching it in her playpen. Tonight as I struggle with overwhelming pain and frustration, depression and desperation, I decided that I would share some of my photos of just some of my favourite things.

I’ve had a super wonderful time in the past couple of years seeing U2, Don Ross, and Steve Bell concerts. Each time I feel so blessed and happy. Now if only I can find my way to a Bruce Cockburn concert and my concert life will be complete!

I love playing the piano and I love encouraging others to discover the joy of music. I love leading the kids in a joyful song with actions at church on Sunday. I love playing and singing in the River band. I love leading Taize prayers in our little chapel in our current house.

These dice are from a super awesome game called killer bunnies. It is the most random game I’ve ever come across with just amazing fun. I have taught many people how to play this game and have yet to find someone who isn’t instantly converted! I love other games too and hosting games nights. Laughing over funny ice breaker games or playing with deep thought.

I love love love love cooking. I love cooking for my friends and family and love being able to share my joy of food making with everyone. I cook foods from all around the world and have touched almost all continents and rarely try out the same recipe twice. I can find myself lost in cooking books (of which I have over 20! and if my budget allowed me, I would easily succumb to purchasing more)

I love orchids. They are such amazing flowers. I find it fascinating that the flowers last for so long and this is probably the longest plant I’ve been able to keep alive (I am a plant mass murderer at best). I love how each plant is so very different and all the vibrant colours.

Last but not least, these are probably two of my favourite things: my beloved cat Shalom and coffee. Shalom makes me smile, he snuggles with me when I am sad, he makes me laugh with his antics and annoys the crap out of me when he escapes the house on an exploration adventure! Coffee is my drug of choice and a staple part of my diet.

  1. May 30, 2012 at 11:19 am

    The blessings in life, like that quiet roar, can come in small packages. What a beautiful way to encourage yourself and others. 🙂

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