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The cost of a thrill


Tonight there have been several news articles floating through facebook and other social media about the daredevil feat undertaken by Nik Wallenda tonight. He crossed the Niagara Falls from the US side to the Canadian side. Apparently over 1000 people stood watching this event, witnessing what many claimed to be a once in a life time experience, history in the making. Some claim Wallenda to be a hero, an inspiration.

Laying aside my own thoughts about the ridiculousness in risking one’s life for a claim to fame, I am distraught by the amount of money spent on this ‘heroic’ and ‘inspiring’ event. The news articles that I have read estimate costs between $1.2-1.3 million dollars. Yes -over a million!

Today I biked in my city and I saw men and women who were obviously mentally ill sitting in a corner begging for money and were obviously homeless. There were “squiggee kids” asking for anything to get them by. Cuts are being made to various organizations working with the poor and needy and some face the reality that unless donors come through, they may have to make further cuts or even fold. Searching for internship opportunities overseas I’ve been seeing poverty on a whole other level.

yet tonight, over a million dollars was spent on a daredevil spectacle, giving one man claim to fame and a whole lot of people a thrill of witnessing the moment.

there is something sad, and dare I say, sickening in this.


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