Something Beautiful

May the grace of God be with you always, may you know the truth inside you from the start, may you find the strength to know that you are part of something beautiful (Alexi Murdoch, Something Beautiful).

I remember in my early undergraduate years I took a course in existentialism, which at the time mirrored much of my thinking. I remember reading Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl. Frankl described his experience in the concentration camps very vividly, speaking of how he was stripped of everything he had including his very own hair. Those were brutal experiences and honestly I cannot imagine such brutality and being stripped of dignity. Frankl, as a trained psychiatrist, discovered that even in the concentration camps, he could use his gifts and skills to help others. For him, this provided meaning for him in the midst of his struggles and he claimed that mankind can endure anything provided that they are able to find meaning in their lives.

I love the story of the Velveteen rabbit and how this stuff animal becomes worn, loses its ‘hair’, etc the more it is loved by a human. I think this is a beautiful image of suffering – the more we have endured, the more wisdom and love we experience. My friends gave me this book for my birthday once and inscribed in the cover is a note saying “You are loved”. I remember one pastor saying to me that I will know God’s love for me more than most. I’m not sure if one can compare such things, but I do believe that I have come to know more of the breadth and depth of God’s love through suffering.

And now, out of being grounded and rooted in God’s love, I am confident that God will use me in a powerful way to minister and show God’s love to those around me. This new direction of pursuing degrees in psychology is exciting to me not only because I have a plan for my future that I am at total peace about but also because I have been invited to be a part of something beautiful.

What an awesome calling – to be part of something beautiful. May each of us find the strength to know that we are part of something beautiful.

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