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I bind myself today

In the next few hours, the judges will meet regarding my stepfather’s appeal to have the conviction and sentence overturned or reduced. Please join me in praying for the judges – that they might have wisdom and discernment as they wade through interesting legal questions that involve real people. That an answer will be delivered as soon as possible (preferably tomorrow!!!) so that all involved can plan for what lies ahead. Pray for my dad who has surrendered himself into custody tonight (required) – that he will look honestly at his actions, his life, and the impact not only on me but on my whole family and that he will let God’s light into the dark corners of his life. Pray for my mom who seems to be drifting farther and farther into a fantasy that nothing ever happened and all this is a product of my wild and emotionally disturbed imagination. Pray for my siblings who are clueless at best to what is going on. And finally, pray that this peace and joy and contentment that I have found so beautiful in my life over the past few months remains regardless of the outcome and that should a retrial be the outcome, that I too will have wisdom and discernment as well as strength to face the days (and years) ahead.


Looking for a bit of comfort, I turn once again to Steve Bell and his music. He didn’t write this song – but tonight it speaks to me. I bind myself to the Lord and giver of life.


The Lorica – Music and Lyric by Gayle Salmond

I bind unto myself today

The gift to call on the Trinity

The saving faith where I can say

Come three in one, oh one in three


Be above me, as high as the noonday sun

Be below me, the rock I set my feet upon

Be beside me, the wind on my left and right

Be behind me, oh circle me with Your truth and light


I bind unto myself today

The love of Angels and Seraphim

The prayers and prophesies of Saints

The words and deeds of righteous men


God’s ear to hear me

God’s hand to guide me

God’s might to uphold me

God’s shield to hide me

Against all powers deceiving

Against my own unbelieving

Whether near or far


I bind unto myself today

The hope to rise from the dust of earth

The songs of nature giving praise

To Father, Spirit, Living Word

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