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Studying the brain

Basically, my life has gone from having my days free to do wild and wonderful things to basically doing one thing – study. I am proud to say that I am almost done my readings and will be able to devote this weekend and early next week to studying and hopefully doing well on my upcoming midterm. I am easily distracted, but I have been pleasantly surprised at my own study habits and that I have been able to be pretty efficient. And more, I think my hippocampus is growing by the day and I am able to store more information than I thought was possible! While i admit that I am feeling kinda daunted by the prospects of being a full time student in a science based program, I am starting to feel like such an aspiration is possible.

The brain is fascinating. I think if this was a pure rote memorization course I would lose interest – but I am making connections with all the things that I have been learning over the past 8 years and discovering a whole world of concepts that speak of an amazing and creative God who set humans into being. (During my review this weekend, I intend to post about some of the things that I am learning that have peaked my interest – stay tuned!)

If you want a little taste for what I am currently learning, watch this clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snO68aJTOpM

Trust me – it will be worth your while.

(even serious students need to have some fun…)

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