God is at work

A few posts ago, I spoke of my frustration with God and my confusion at not being able to understand his ways. I still don’t understand his ways. But lately, it has been quite the adventure to trust and follow God.

I’ve been seeing growth in my life through all this. I spoke about how my prayer life has been shaped and changed by living on the edge. And that is very special.

But something else has shifted. A couple of weeks ago I hit a major roadblock in going back to school full time. I spent time in prayer and discernment trying to figure out the mind of God. A year ago, if I had faced these challenges, I probably would have quit. Or, as I do with many areas of my life, pretend it’s not a problem and let it fix itself (not really an efficient or accurate approach to problems. generally speaking, problems get worse by ignoring them and very rarely fix themselves). Through that weekend of discernment, I came to the conclusion that full time studies was indeed right. I didn’t know how everything would work out – honestly, I still don’t. But I knew that God was with me in every step and that he would, somehow, provide.

And then I entered a period of determination to make this happen. I’ve been exploring every possible route, doing absolutely everything I can to make this work. It’s kinda a crazy time in my life with moving this weekend and all. There’s other stuff going on too.

But I am determined. And if that means I have to sweep floors to pay for my education, so be it.

I have so much hope too. I know God is going to provide. And I am pretty excited to watch how he works. I’ve been doing my part. And I have every confidence that God is in all this.

It’s pretty awesome to be able to look into the future excited to watch God work – in me, through me and in the lives of those I know. Yes, the uncertainties are admittedly stressful – but in the uncertainty is a world of possibility – and that is starting to feel exciting. I have no idea how God is going to work – and it will be cool to watch how he does. And it’s pretty awesome to end each day with the quiet assurance that God is at work.

God is at work dear friends – beware, be aware and rejoice!

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