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God is Here



I was flipping through some of my old pictures and this one seemed to capture what I wanted to say. I went to an art workshop that my friend was teaching and made this out of plasticine. There is so much happening in my life – much is good – but so much is in flux. Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in the storm.

But every once in awhile, God reminds me that he is here – like the sun that shines steadily, no matter what is going on.

Money is tight right now. Not a new phenomenon. But definitely more tight than it’s been in a very long time. I am constantly reminded of the passage in Matthew where Christ tells us not to worry for he cares about the lilies of the field and the ravens. And yet I find myself often looking to God and asking: have you forgotten me?

The other day, I picked up a week pass for our transit system. I haven’t needed a pass in awhile since usually I bike places. But I have too many meetings and interviews and stuff happening this week plus a flat tire so I forked out the money for a pass. It was Sunday. The pass didn’t start till Monday – I asked the collector to confirm. He mumbled something I couldn’t quite understand. So I asked him to repeat – “no, it doesn’t start until Monday, but I will let you through.”

Now regular fare is $3 which I had on me but until my job search materializes into a pay cheque, every dollar matters. I don’t know if God was ultimately behind this, though I’m always hesitant to chalk these things up to coincidence. I think many of the things we attribute to chance can be seen as little miracles if we look closely enough. In any case, I will probably never know to what extent God orchestrated this moment.

But I went through that turnstile with an incredible assurance that God is here.

He has not forgotten me.

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