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A sad day to call myself a Canadian

I have always bragged about my country. It is  beautiful, it cares for the needy and vulnerable, it enables me to be educated. We have rights of freedom of speech, belief, and laws that serve to protect (although this latter is sometimes more of an ideal than reality).

Today I hang my head in shock, disbelief, anger, profound sadness and a definite shame to calling myself a Canadian.

Harper stated that the Iraq War was “absolutely a mistake”.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu urged Canada to let Kim Rivera stay in our country.

Jason Kenney, the Minister of Immigration, stood by his deportation notice.

And now, a courageous, peaceful woman who took a stand – and, unlike all those who have pushed for war – refused to stoop to the terrorists’ level. And, despite all the things that Canada stands for, we have forced her to go back to the US and face lengthy jail time and to be separate from her children – one of whom is only 18mths old. All because she stood up for what she felt was right. All because she couldn’t kill and mistreat civilians the way she was asked by the US military to.

How can we sing “God keep our land, glorious and free?” and “the True North strong and free” when we send away those who stand and risk everything for peace? When we take one of the most courageous women that I have ever known and basically affirm her punishment for being strong enough to stand up to the corruption of the world’s most powerful military? When we squash those who believe in justice strong enough to take action in a way that really matters?

Kim Rivera – you are my hero and my inspiration.

And I am so sorry that this has turned out this way.

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