Small mercies

Science textbooks are expensive. My employer has been paying me weekly to help with these costs (Altogether, my coursebooks have cost between $600-700! – that’s a whole month’s rent for me!). Now I’m not complaining about the cost – it is what it is and I am privileged in being able to go to school at this time in my life. But it’s been stressful and I have been buying my textbooks in stages.

I was on the waitlist for a statistics course and it was the course I was nervous about so I bought the (used) textbook and worked ahead. Unfortunately, there is a policy that full refunds are only given within 7 days of purchase. Today is the last day to add or drop a course and I didn’t get into stats. So I went to sell my textbook, hoping to at least get enough back to be able to buy the textbook for the course that I am taking. It’s been 9 days since the purchase and I realized I would be lucky if they gave me half.

Half plus what I have in my bank is doable. But groceries and transportation wouldn’t be. But there is a test on Tuesday. So I planned to go to the library and just pour everything into reading the textbook until my next pay cheque. Only, my professor didn’t put the book on reserve at the libraries and all the copies have been signed out. Not that that would help me anyways as I need the latest edition, and in the world of psychology, editions matter because huge shifts have been happening in recent years. I mean Freud’s theory of psychoanalysis will remain the same. But scientists are discovering how plastic the brain is when for so long it was thought it was unchangeable at a certain point. Also, as more and more research is done on the human genome, scientists are discovering the interplay between genes and environment.

So I decided to pray and went to the bookstore not knowing how I would buy groceries.

I spoke to one of the workers. And he offered a simple switch which meant that rather than forking out $150 for a textbook I only had to pay $15. This goes against their written policy, but they allowed an exception.

These small mercies remind me that God is here and God is in this venture with school.

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