Today I believe

This time holds many questions, uncertainties, puzzles, fears.

It is a time of spiritual wondering and wandering.

It is a time of preparing for finals with the pressure of grades.

It is a time of longing to be in relationship with my beautiful siblings.

It is a time of health problems to be solved that require more time than I have.

It is a time of anxious waiting for the court stuff to end.

It is a time of long days and dark nights with depression threatening its curse.

it is a time of uncertainty about my future yet a knowing that I am on the verge of something new.

it is a time that I need to cling closely to my Master and to trust that he will not loose his grip on me.

I’ve been reading some of my writings from old and I can see God’s faithfulness even when I falter, God’s hand upon my life even when I feel alone, God’s comfort in times of pain and uncertainty, God’s love that seems to be deeper than I could ever imagine ever time that I try to plunge its depths.

And so, in this time of many questions, uncertainty, puzzles and fears, I can – with confidence – recite the Celtic prayer:

Lord you have always given

Peace for the coming day

And though I am of anxious heart,

Today, I believe

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