Six years old



These marshmallow snowmen were made by a six year old.

This six year old asked me how to spell “holiday” and wrote a mixture of capitalized and lower case letters on a card for the homeless.

This six year old was the clown of the children’s party at the church where I work. His jokes made you laugh.

This six year old says school is boring. I asked him if he was learning to read and he said not yet and then continued with some goofy antic.

This six year old fell during a rendition of duck, duck goose and tears came down his eyes. Then after I listened and dried his tears, he got right back up and raced for a spot.

This six year old greeted me with a hug.

Yesterday, as I sat in the ER, I saw the news run – 28 people killed in a school in Connetticut, 20 of them children. Most of the children were six years old.

Six years old.

How can this be?

I am not sure what hurt more – the acute pain that took me to the ER or the heartache I felt over this tragedy.

I ache for the children who witnessed their classmates being shot and who hid in fear that they too could be hurt.

I ache for the families – losing a child, especially one so young in such an awful way is a devastation I cannot even begin to imagine. Tears fill my eyes at the thought.

I ache for the friends, families and fellow teachers who have lost friends.

I ache for those whose hearts burn with so much pain, anger and instability that a mass shooting even enters one’s thoughts.

I ache that we live in a world with guns and that there are many places with easy access to guns.

I ache for such evil is too much to bear, too much to understand and too much to accept what has happened. And I am not one who even knows someone who is affected let alone a parent of a child who is now gone.

As I think of this situation, I am left with only another precious moment with the six year old I mentioned along with his friends in the sunday school.

We prayed for the needs of the world together, singing a few words to a simple tune after each request – “Come, Lord Jesus, Come. We sing, Come, Lord Jesus Come”.

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