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Prayer request

Dear Friends, family and faithful readers,

I am calling on you to ask you to pray. As you most likely already know, I work for a church as the children’s director. I love my job and am passionate to take the lessons of community I have learned into this relatively new context with me. I am well liked there and my hard work is seen and appreciated.

But children’s ministry in a time when Church is not central to people’s lives is a longly and difficult job. I don’t believe in evaluating ministry in terms of numbers. But the very small sunday school that we have proposes unique challenges and frustrations. I love the children and seem to have a good relationship with them. But I am not their peer. Some weeks we have one child. Others none. A good week is three. A ‘high’ week is six. Games and activities are hard to maintain with a small group of one!

I have been praying about this for months now and been seeking advice and suggestions. My observations and insights about church generally and this one specifically have been confirmed.

Starting tomorrow night (Wednesday), we are starting a Lenten series for the family. I will be making my blackbean soup and some cornbread muffins and if that doesn’t win them over, I’m not sure what will! (hehe, that is a joke – but the blackbean soup recipe is pretty darn good if I am allowed to say that about my own cooking!!). There will be singing, teaching, crafts and conversation.

Please pray for the work we are doing together. Pray for strength and wisdom for myself as I – without a family of my own – seek to support families in the church and in the neighbourhood. Some days, I feel like I am walking in the dark. Others I feel like I’m banging my head against a wall. Pray that families will come and that they will come to know God’s love in ways that they haven’t known before. Pray for those of us already at the church that we will be a welcoming presence.

  1. February 12, 2013 at 8:26 pm

    Praying for your ministry. I have worked in children’s ministry also and it is vet challenging in today’s society because church is often low on the priority list. Keep persevering!

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