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Children’s Psalm

The Psalm for this Sunday was Psalm 27 – a psalm that I have held very closely over the years. So the children and I talked about this psalm – and the many ways we can talk to God about anything and everything. We talked about how we can take both our thanksgiving and our anger to God. And that God desires our honesty even when what we have to say to God is not the greatest. One thing that came up was whether we could challenge God or say no to God. I told them that I have argued with God many, many times over the years…. later I realize God was right and usually confess my stubborn insistence on my ways. But through my honest wrestling with God, I’ve grown to love God more and more.

Afterwords, we wrote sentences of things we wanted to say to God. and then arranged them to make our own psalm. and then we offered them to God.

Here is the Psalm we wrote.


I want to follow you all the days of my life.

The Lord is our light and our Saviour.

You are always with me.

I will tell others of your love.

You will put courage in my heart.

You will always love and care for me

I will follow the Lord.

I will always love you.

Give me courage, Lord.

Do not forsake me Lord.

Listen to my prayer. Answer me when I call to you.

I will wait for the Lord.


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