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a hermit in a cave



When this mess is over, I am going to buy a cave and live there. I will become a hermit. Inside will be wall to wall bookshelves with all the books I want to read and more. Wendell Berry will sit beside Walter Brueggemenn and Soren Kierkegaard. I will have sketch pads with pretty designs and pens that are filled with inks of all the colours in the rainbow.

I will give my computer to a student in need. And throw my phone in the garbage. My cat Shalom and I will share our adventures, sometime speaking ‘Cat’ and at other times ‘English’. I will buy a volleyball, and name him wilson.

Outside my cave will be an ocean, and the coming tide will be the music to my ears. I will get up with the sun and watch the sky break open into light and colour and marvel at the masterpiece that God has painted this day. There will be a small garden with enough room to grow vegetables and berries.

And I will buy a djembe drum and make rhythms with the sounds of the earth and the waves of the water. And I will dance. Like no one is watching.

and I will sleep, eat, read, watch, pray, write.

and then repeat.

Day in, day out.

In the evening, I will write my prayers on leaves. And then offer them to the fire as the smoke rises up to heaven with the words and meditations of my heart

a sacrifice to the One who is faithful to me.

and I will rest, listening to the ocean’s waves hit the shore over and over in time like one counts sheep.

I will rest knowing that the day is done. And tomorrow there will be a new painting of sunshine and colour that God will lift over the magnificent ocean.

day in and day out

in the safety of my cave

with my books as my best friends and snuggles from my cat.

day in, day out

a hermit in a cave

at peace

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