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Where do you see God?



Three and a half weeks are left in the semester. This is when everything is due. I am trying to knock off at least one paper this weekend. But there isn’t a pressing deadline – just the looming gloom of what will happen if I don’t start working on things now! I find sometimes I need to write the things that are on my mind before I am ready to write something for my professors. Words pour out of me sometimes.

My reflection paper is on the passage of taking up your cross and following Christ. As I’ve been thinking of this, I’ve had the image of mountain peaks and river valleys in my mind and how the life of faith is a journey through them.

Today and yesterday have been a mountain peak days in a week (and perhaps several weeks) of river valleys. Things are falling into place in more ways than I ever could have asked or imagined. I have a summer job of my own design with opportunities galore to do amazing and wonderful things. I will be doing what I love with children and youth – connecting with them and connecting with the neighbouring community. It is such an amazing thing to partner with God in something new and exciting. I anticipate valleys ahead. But right now I am just super excited to being able to be a part of this exciting time in the church.

Yesterday was a day of dreaming about the future in so many different ways – and seeing God pull together strands of my life into a beautiful tapestry. It’s pretty awesome.

Today I spoke with someone who is probably going to sublet my apartment which is absolutely amazing and a huge answer to prayer.

And tonight I am going to have a few good friends over for green food and party games in honour of St. Patrick.

As I write this, I am reminded of my new boss’ question to me yesterday: where do you see God in this? We were talking about children/youth/family ministry. But what a great question to ask continually? where is God in my life? What is God doing? where do I see God at work? Where have I encountered God in my life? What is God teaching me – about himself, about myself, about others, about his world?

I know well that peaks do not last forever. But maybe in taking moments to revel in them will make the valleys easier? Maybe they will encourage me to continue climbing the next mountain? Maybe they will be reminders of God’s faithfulness and love when I am filled with doubt?

Maybe when I start to look for God in the peaks and take notice of what God is doing, the question “where do you see God?” will be one that I get used to asking? Maybe I will begin to actively look and seek God in the valleys? Maybe I will see his faithfulness in them too and maybe they will even begin to look as beautiful and awe-inspiring as the mountain peaks.

And when I look for God in everything – in every situation – maybe I will find him – in every situation. And maybe the joy that I feel with mountain top experiences will be continuous when I see God everywhere and in everything.

So I am going to add the discipline of asking a very simple question to my life: where do you see God?

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