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Come oh Lord and fill up my life

This time of fasting from facebook and focusing on school and packing up my place is a constant reminder that my heart is aching, yearning, longing, wanting. I find myself frequently going to check facebook or to ask a question of others or to share something silly. And I am met with the abrupt “login failed”. It is ridiculous that social media has become so much apart of my life that not being on facebook is hard! But it is what it is I guess, and this is a time of learning and re-focusing.

And praying

A wise friend of mine said earlier this year to not forget my spiritual disciplines. And for the most part, I’ve kept them up, albeit half-heartedly at times. But as I am constantly reminded of my need to connect with other people and my overcrowded to do list, I find myself calling and even crying out to God more.

While packing up my place, I decided to go back in time and listen to Newsboys. Their worship album has some of my favourite songs of theirs even though the name and need every CCM artist has to create a “worship” album bothers me (shouldn’t all albums be worshipful? When we purchase worship albums by popular CCM artists, are we worshiping God or the artist?)

These are the words of Presence

I lift up my voice

to the King, King of glory

I hold out my hands

to the One who is worthy

I long for Your presence

I long, Lord, I need Your touch

come, oh Lord, and fill up my life

with the light of Your presence

this is my heart’s desire

oh Father, come and let Your spirit abide

I long for Your presence

this is my heart’s desire

I long to be washed

in the well of Your mercy

I long to be warmed

by the fire of your glory

I long for your presence

I long for your healing touch

Come oh Lord and fill up my life.

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