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Slow Down

Two weeks left of the semester. I have so very much to do. Books to read. Papers to write. Dishes to clean. Applications to fill out. Moving. Presentations to prepare.

My to do list is multiplying faster than fruit flies.

Thursday morning – I woke up with no voice.

That’s right. Sick. Completely out of nowhere. Chest cold, fever, headache, fatigue.

For the past two days, life continued with its busy-ness while I came to a full stop and crashed. My overwhelming to do list now had to be ignored. There is no pushing through.

Today I am reminded to slow down. That trying to do all things is not necessarily the right thing. Nor is it something that I am capable of sustaining for very long.

Rest. In the name of productivity, I have sacrificed rest. And now I’ve had two days full of it to the point that I want to do anything but rest.

Trust. In the name of self-sufficiency and pride, I have allowed myself to create a to do list that rests on me while at the same time is beyond my capacity.

Slow down. I don’t have to be all things to all people in all ways.

Funny, writing a paper that includes Sabbath liturgies in the Qumran community didn’t seem to grab my attention. Maybe being sick will.

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