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Darkness has come



In the upper room, Jesus ate a meal – his last meal – with his twelve friends and disciples. He washed their feet, an act of love and humility. He knew they would all betray him in one way or another in the coming days. And yet, his love for them shines through the Gospel readings.

He takes them to the garden. He shares his heart – his grief stricken heart – and asks them to stay awake and pray.

He then steps a little further into the garden and throws himself down. This cup – the wrath of God against all humanity – made him cry out to his father. Not once, but three times. His love for the Father and for all humanity made him submit and drink this cup.

His friends could not stay awake for even one hour. In Christ’s moment of asking them for something, they slept.

The time had come.

Judas kissed Jesus. Betrayed – with a kiss. How that must have stung like salt poured into a wound.

Jesus was arrested.

His friends deserted him and fled.

Tonight I feel the darkness and sorrow of this night long ago.

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