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Outrageous Grace

I’m almost done my paper on a theological response to the sinned-against (a term one of the authors I have read used).

I am so thankful for the opportunity to read and write and pull together strands of thinking and reading from the years. I’ve done so much reading on this topic over the years, trying desparately to make sense of my life, what was done to me, how healing can be found and where God fits into all of this. Things are coming together in my mind and I am about to offer a work of art to my professor that is something I believe with everything within me. It’s not very often I get to write on a topic that holds so much meaning for me.

Some parts have been harder to write than others as I have shared parts of my story as to ground theory in the real world. I have found that too many people provide answers when they themselves have not been victims of crime. Their answers may be right, but they lack a sense of authenticity in that they are theoretical and somewhat removed from real situations. This is something that I can offer. Moreover, it is the situation I know best. I cannot speak for victims of other crimes. I cannot speak on behalf of the mother whose son is murdered or the parapelegic that I read about whose condition was thanks to a brutal physical assault.

At times I’ve wanted to pull my hair out and I’ve struggled to articulate what I believe with the core of my being. But now that I am putting the finishing touches on it, I want to dance and praise God – not so much for helping me finish this paper, but for his outrageous grace! What a beautiful thing to be able to write a paper and want to hug your Saviour for being just so amazing and to find yourself in tears because how he works in and through the painful things of our life.

God is good and faithful. His grace is outrageous!

There’s a lot of pain… but a lot more healing.

There’s a lot of trouble… but a lot more peace.

There’s a lot of hate… but a lot more loving.

There’s a lot sin… but a lot more grace.


Oh outrageous grace!

Love unfurled by heaven’s hand

Oh outrageous grace! Oh outrageous grace!

Through my Jesus can stand


There’s a lot of fear… but a lot more freedom

There’s a lot of darkness… but a lot more light.

There’s a lot of clouds… but a lot more vision.

There’s a lot of perishing… but a lot more life.


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