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So I’m running this youth mentorship program. It’s pretty exciting and I am pretty stoked about the summer. I’ve been in touch with so many wonderful people looking at ways in which we can creatively engage the youth and the community. It’s tapping into my creative spirit and I’ll be doing something when a random (and cool!) idea pops into my head.

But every once in awhile I have a moment like I did this morning in which I wonder what the heck I have gotten into! There is so much work to do. I’m working on a budget that is dealing with numbers that I normally don’t see. I’ve always done low-budgeting programs and this – well, it’s not as low budget as I’m used to.

And I wonder – can I really do this? Can we really fulfill the mandate of this program?

I turned to God in prayer. And today’s Celtic Daily Prayer meditation is grounding and comforting and a helpful reminder of who I am called to serve.

I find Thee enthroned in my heart,
my Lord Jesus.
It is enough.
I know that Thou art throned
in heaven.
My heart and heaven are one.
Alistair Maclean

It is enough. Jesus enthroned on my heart is enough. The fear I feel inside has been calmed a little by these words.

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