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Few things bring me to tears… but a child suffering can make tears flow uncontrollably in front of strangers. In the past week, I have heard and been praying for so many small children who are going through a lot. I ache and the fixer-rescuer in me wants to do something, I want to make them better. But I can’t. All I can do is pray. I believe in prayer. My story is filled with people  – known and unknown – around the world who have prayed for me at various times. Prayer is mysterious and beautiful and power. So I have asked to share of one of the children I am praying for – to ask for your prayers.

Josh is a five year old boy of two dear friends – Tim and Laurie. Tim and Laurie have played a formational role in my life and have stuck by me in the valleys and mountain peaks of my journey of healing. They have given so very much to me, have opened their homes when I have been in crisis, who have spent hours upon hours listening and caring for me, visiting me in the hospital, encouraging me. I feel so very blessed to have had such wonderful friends in my life. There two children – Josh and Kaleb – are beautiful delightful children. I had the pleasure of hanging out with them a few weeks ago and I still smile at some of the things that they did or said.

Josh has had more than his share of health problems: various heart-related surgeries and procedures including open heart surgeries, strokes, speech stuggles, and other things. This week they were told that both his legs needed to be put into casts as part of his physiotherapy treatment.

Today, they got word that they are looking at another heart surgery in the next couple of months.

Ugh! Tears form as I write these words – and I am not Josh who is at an age where he understands enough about going to doctors and what things mean. I am not the parents of a boys who have so many health problems. I cannot really imagine what they are all going through right now.

Dear friends, readers, and those who stumble by this blog – could you keep this little five year old in your prayers over the next week as the doctors meet and discuss a plan of care? Pray for healing as well as courage and comfort. Pray for wisdom for the doctors to know what’s best and pray that God’s presence will be very real to this beautiful family.

Laurie writes a wonderful blog that shares the joys and struggles in life as a mother and woman of faith. There are stories on their that will challenge you, make you laugh, bring you to tears. Take a moment to read a little of their journey as you pray for them.

Thank you to those who pray and send good thoughts for Josh. I don’t have a clue what God is up to as this little boy deals with more health problems than what I think is fair! But I do know the comfort and have witnessed the power of people praying.

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