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An Update on Josh

Last week, I asked my readers to pray for Josh and his family. Yesterday I knew the doctors were meeting. In my dreams, I found myself praying for Josh and throughout the day I was frequently reminded fo them. I hate waiting. I anxiously waited for them. I cannot imagine how they all made it through yesterday as I was refreshing facebook frequently to see if there was an update.

Today, on the bus ride home after my exam, I read the update. I wanted to share it to ask people to please continue praying. Once again, you see Laurie and Tim’s amazing heart and faith and gratitude shining through their words in this time.

This past year, I’ve been drawn to reading the lives of the saints, finding comfort, encouragement, challenge and inspiration in their lives. I think I’m starting to understand the idea of a “cloud of witnesses”. I’m realizing that I need this cloud of witnesses to encourage me to keep on in the difficult journey of following a crucified Saviour. I am also realizing more and more that I need to surround myself with wise and faithful Christians. Tim and Laurie are two of those people. I am thankful for their lives and witness.

Here’s the link to Laurie’s blog post on the next steps. In some ways it is difficult to read (I cried on the bus!!!). Please keep this special family in your prayers.


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