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Entertaining Angels

I was sitting on the bus today, minding my own business and about to pull out a book that I have started to read. The woman beside me commented on my make up, saying that the colour brought out my hazel eyes. She said some encouraging things to me. We made small talk and then she said she was really glad to meet me. I wished her a nice day and opened my book.

The next stop, I looked up and she was gone.

I didn’t notice her get up. I tend not to notice a lot. But her sudden absence struck me and the song by the Newsboys, Entertaining Angels started playing in my mind. What if I had been entertaining angels, unexpectedly.

Each morning (well, if I’m honest, most mornings), I pray along with others in the Northumbria community a canticle. Each time I pray this prayer which has now become committed to memory, I am struck by how two lines in particular speak to me each time:

Be in the heart of each to whom I speak;
in the mouth of each who speaks unto me.

What if Christ was in that woman’s words this morning? I left that encounter with this odd feeling that Christ had been in my midst. What if she was sent to encourage me – to speak my love language – in a moment when I was feeling more discouragement than anything. What if – in those brief seconds – Christ met me in a way that only he could know would be powerful to me?

Sometimes I wonder if these chance encounters are more than chance.

Maybe we are entertaining angels in our midst more than we realize.

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