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Smiles from Heaven


I am so not a morning person. Ask anyone who has known me or lived with me for any length of time. I now live farther from downtown than I ever have and the commute was something I dreaded as I set the schedule for the youth mentorship program and day camps that I have been running. Add to that my increased war against insomnia, averaging on 2-4 hours of sleep a night and I thought that needing to leave home by 6:30 would be something I would come to dread and even loathe.

But I have been surprised. Each morning, I have walked by the lake as the sun has come up. It has been a peaceful and prayerful way to start the day. But more than that – I have always loved looking at the sky and always longed to watch the sun rise with its beauty.

Each morning that I have had to get up early, I have been greeted with an incredible masterpiece in the sky. And as the sun makes the cool air warmer, I honestly feel warmth and love from God…. the God who knows me better than anyone else and knows what will speak love into my heart. 

This may not be the best theological piece that I have written – but I feel God is smiling at me in the mornings. I feel God is saying He loves me and is pleased with me. It’s daily and a lovely way to dive into the deep waters of my days.

Reminds me of when the heavens would depart and God would say – this is my son, in whom I am well pleased. Life is difficult. But each morning, this short walk by the lake has been enough to empower me to continue throughout my day with all its challenges and dreams. And I feel God’s love as I envision him looking down at me and smiling as I bask in his love and creation.

Here are a few pictures from my walks:




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