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Room at the inn

Toronto was hit this past weekend with a pretty bad ice storm. Many people have been and still are without power, heat and internet. One begins to realize how dependent we are when all this is taken away. I was without power for about 30 hours. A basement apartment cools pretty quickly and even my cat was cold. Trees are down, subways are down, people are stranded. Two major hospitals used their generators for a record time.

What has been amazing is the witness and community of the church. Sunday morning service was beautiful in the candle light with people stepping in to help. At the end, the pastor asked who had power and who didn’t. Those who did were quick to offer homes, food and assistance. By the end I had somewhere to go for lunch. People volunteered to call parishioners to find out if they are OK. That evening we gathered again with a potluck meal…again, those who had power cooked food and those without brought salad.

The family I live with lent warm blankets. Their five year old offered her battery operated lights.

The next morning the power was on for me. When I charged my electronics my heart warmed to all the messages checking up on me and offering their assistance.

Churches have been opening their doors, providing a warm cup of something,a place to charge electronics and WiFi. Food…more food than planned … Is being offered to anyone who needs it.

I am not sure that if an unwed pregnant and about to give birth showed up at our doors  if people would take her in.

But I do know this… When we welcome a stranger, we welcome Christ. When we feed the hungry, we feed Christ. When we clothe the naked or provide blankets to the cold we do it for Christ.

And I am thankful that the church community has opened their inns at this time.

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