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Manna from Heaven



This picture went around facebook today and I definitely understand this definition! A couple of months ago, I moved into my own apartment in the basement of a house. The blessings are enormous. There is a family from church that lives upstairs and I am really enjoying getting to know them. Their five year old is darling and comes and hangs out with me. Lately, she has been making cards for me daily and dropping off notes with her own rendition of my name after spelling it out: Alisabith.I live within walking distance of so many friends and church members, church itself and so many fun and quirky mom-and-pop kind of stores. I’m a short subway ride to campus. I love my place and I am truly blessed.

However, my rent went up by more than a little and my savings went into last month’s rent. I live paycheque to paycheque and so there’s not been a whole lot. For some reason, the past couple of months have been way tighter than I had hoped. With the holidays, there are extra expenses and a dropped income, books to purchase for a new semester and setting up home has its own expenses. Oh how I hate financial stress!

Still, in the midst of fretting, I have been reminded of God’s providence and the daily call to put my whole trust in him. In reflecting on the past few months, I’ve found myself thinking of the Israelites wandering the desert and the manna that God would provide for them. Manna from heaven that would fill them up. Enough for that day, but not enough to store away. It required that they daily go out and collect what they need. And to daily trust that the God who provided for this day will also provide for tomorrow. Knowing my own heart, I can see myself hording the manna in case God lets me down!

Money seems to be flowing like that desert manna. It is often a daily thing. I have just enough cash to last me until today. I have been careful with my pennies, buying only what I need and conserving transportation costs and walking as much as possible. Sometimes I don’t have a plan for tomorrow. Sometimes I trust God in those moments. Other moments I’ve been brought to tears. I’d say it’s the latter more often – there is more month than money!

But manna shows up in the friends who offer ttc tokens. In the church that paid for me to go to a conference. In the random and unexpected money that has come through the mail. In the friends who invite me for a warm meal. In the various one off endeavours that have supplied money until the next opportunity. In the relatives and friends who have helped me out in a pinch.

I am thankful to say that I am moving out of this stage and entering a bit more stability. I have several part time jobs that are now bringing in steady income and, once tuition is paid off, will provide a comfy buffer. I have accepted a summer job – one that I never went seeking.

And as I move from depending on the manna in the desert to maybe a time in a land flowing with milk and honey – I hope that I can continue to trust God for my daily sustenance, my daily bread. and I hope that I can be as generous to others as they have been to me, attentive to needs and opening my home and kitchen.

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