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I miss you Grandpa

Today, Grandpa would have been 93. I miss him. I tear up as I write this and the ache in my heart is one that remains strong and painful. Death has a bitter sting – it cannot be undone. On this side of the resurrection, I will never have another opportunity to see him or to speak to him. Lately, I’ve found myself thinking that I spot Grandpa – it’s a strange thing, but other friends who have had loved ones die speak of this too. Elderly men driving or on the subway who remind me in form of Grandpa or who are wearing the same type of hat or look similar in some way. I find myself wanting to call out to these men, or waving as they drive by… and then I realize the impossibility of this. My heart has lead me astray and the dose of reality stings. I miss Grandpa. and Grandma.

As I was walking home from the coffee shop thinking about Grandpa, I found myself listing memories and smiling because of them. So I offer them in thanksgiving for a godly man who loved God, loved others, and loved me.

Memories of Grandpa

… I was a kid who wouldn’t stop talking. Grandpa needed me to be quiet and offered me $5 to be quiet for half an hour. To everyone’s amazement, I earned that $5.

… Grandma and Grandpa were taking care of some of us when my mom was in labour. We played the game of risk which was just going on forever. Grandpa tended to the fireplace in between turns. Finally, he picked up the dice on his turn and dropped them on the board from a standing position, shouting “Atom Bomb” as the tiny men went everywhere.

… Prayer time after breakfast included reading from the Daily Bread devotional and praying for each family member by name and many who were dear to my grandparents.

… “would you like a cup of tea?” – drinking tea together while watching wheel of fortune, jeopardy or some British comedy

… Grandpa randomly slipping me a $20 bill to help me out with school every now and then

… Grandpa was a man of few words… but when he spoke, his words were eloquent, poignant

Yet, probably the most poignant memories can only be understood if you know the context….

… the embrace at Grandma’s funeral
… him naming me as granddaughter
… the quick phone call in which he said “I love you” and called me darling.

I miss you Grandpa.

Sometimes I picture Grandpa up with heaven, beside Jesus, looking down on me and smiling. Smiling because he sees the person I have come and am and has the freedom to know truth. I envision him bursting with pride, telling others who have been promoted to glory that I am his granddaughter, whom he loves and is well pleased.

  1. john sullivan
    March 28, 2014 at 3:20 pm

    Beautiful as always Elizabeth. All of us who have lost loved ones can identify with every word. And you will never forget as long as you live, and continue to remember things you thought you had long forgotten. Love never dies. Grace and peace to you. <

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