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The healing love of a child

Today was a day that was filled with emotion.

Started with a beauty and peacefulness as a bunch of us prayed morning prayer together. I have been convicted lately of forgetting to pray. That is, more than the panicked God help me prayers or the sorrow filled Lord have mercy ones. But in intentionally setting time aside time to commit my day to God. And as I lead a team, I have felt the need to pray as a team especially as we face the challenges of ministry together. There was a peacefulness, albeit a calm before the storm.

And then there was joy and laughter as one youth returned. Her laugh, and genuine enthusiasm is contagious.

The day presented challenges that left me feeling lost, bewildered, scared and worried.

I found myself incredibly overwhelmed at the amount of responsibility entrusted to me and anxiously trying to figure out what I must do or should do or even can do.

I arrived at home tired and feeling defeated with the words of Alistair Sim in A Christmas Carol rolling through my head: “I don’t know anything. I never did know anything. But now I know I don’t know anything.” Only I wasn’t rushing to stand on my head or laughing. There is no 3 step guide for handling situations in youth ministry…and if there are I doubt their worth. Doesn’t matter how knowledgeable or experienced or wise I become, I face situations in which I honestly don’t have a clue.

And Toria, the little five year old upstairs was waiting for me. While talking with her amazing parents about my day and its challenges, Toria disappeared. When she surfaced, she did her hair so it looked like mine and ran to me with a huge smile exclaiming that we were just like twins.

Somehow this met me where I was at today in a way not much could. As we made faces at each other, my anxiety, frustration and helplessness faded into the background and I was an!e to laugh and enjoy the moment.

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