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Toronto needs a LEADER!

Toronto’s mayoral election polls scare me.

Let’s set aside politics – I lean left, others lean right. I respect the diversity in our city. Transit, buses, LRT. Taxes. The poor, the rich. Private. Public.

At this point, I don’t care.

I want a mayor who is a LEADER

Maybe I am too idealistic – but when I interview people for youth/children work, I look for leaders:

  1. People who can instil in others a confidence that they can handle the task before us
  2. People who lead with honesty even when it means they have to own up to their mistakes
  3. People whom I trust when they go out in the neighbourhood and officially represent whatever  organization I am working for.
  4. People that children and youth can look up to – without me worrying!
  5. People who will put their own needs aside when necessary for the betterment of our community.
  6. People who have at least some self-awareness; an awareness of what they need to strive as well as when they need to care for themselves
  7. People who will work well in a leadership team, sharing responsibility and respecting each other regardless of whether they like the others
  8. People who respect people for being people – a respect that sexual orientation, race, socio-economic class, and religion do not change even if one has personal convictions that are different from the other person
  9. People who can handle tough times with integrity – as tough times do come when you are in leadership
  10. People who can keep their anger at an appropriate level – even when falsely accused or slandered.
  11. People who have the courage and wisdom to remain silent – this is pretty important to my understanding of leadership. Leaders need to be comfortable with silence.
  12. People who are empowering and not controlling
  13. People who interact appropriately with each person under their authority.
  14. People who refuse to let bullies win the day
  15. And People who refrain from being a bully

These fifteen things make for a good leader in a youth program of say 20 kids or youth in one tiny part of Toronto. Toronto’s Mayor will have jurisdiction over my small group along with every other small group in the city and with the larger business and the framework itself. Surely we need a mayor that at the very least matches this list.

Dear Torontonians – Doug Ford is not a leader.

He is about control, bullying, getting his way, playing the ‘victim card’ and refuses to play nice, fair or honest.

I don’t care whether his politics are left or right at this moment. He’s not leadership material.

Doug Ford cares about one thing and one thing only. He doesn’t care about the city – or the people in it. He constantly claims to say taxpayer’s dollars – but the veracity and the consequences of this saving are debated.

He does not care about being a fine leader marked with integrity, vision and compassion.

He is does not care about making the vulnerable people’s voices heard and their needs and rights protected

He does not care about having relationships that are right and good and restoring those that are not right. He is not interested being the first person to take a step in reconciliation

he does not care about playing fairly or by the rules

He does not care about leading with integrity and wisdom

He cares about one thing: getting elected.

If we elect Doug Ford as mayor – we place someone incapable of being a leader in charge of Canada’s largest city.

As election day draws near, lets look for a mayor who can actually lead.

  1. October 11, 2014 at 9:05 am

    THANK YOUUUUUU! Too many Torontonians seem blind to this reality.

  2. john sullivan
    October 11, 2014 at 10:47 am

    AMEN! Well said Elizabeth!

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