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Some thoughts on Cecil the Lion and how we relate to the world

My Facebook newsfeed has been flooded lately with stories of Cecil the Lion, details of the planned lion hunt, and the fallout.

I’m not the strongest animal rights advocate. I did become vegan for awhile in part because of how animals are treated. However, through that time I learned that my body – along with many others – cannot absorb several key nutrients that are required for healthy living through the vegan diet (some can, mine could not). So I returned to a primarily vegetarian diet with some meat every now and then. Some would argue that my use of animals is wrong and at times I wrestle with this.

But there is something that grabbed me about the story of Cecil the Lion. This majestic animal was killed not for hunger, but for sport. There was no reason for this creature to die beyond man’s selfishness. As a result, Cecil’s cubs are now endangered. Not because someone was starving and desperately needed to eat. On the contrary, someone paid a ridiculous amount of money to hunt this particular lion.

There is something about the killing of an innocent creature that just seems so very wrong. We are a broken world that allows such a hunt to happen.

The troubling reality though is that while terrible things happen every day to ‘innocent’ creatures – Cecil the Lion is getting proportionately more press time.

– what about the child refugees who know only war and refugee camp while we create video games that require graphic shooting and war to win?

– what about the child soldiers who out of survival mode do the unthinkable because otherwise the unthinkable will be done to them – or to their friends?

– what about the women who sell their bodies to become organ donors on the black market at best or sexual objects at worse in order to care for their families?

– what about the men and women and children who work in factories and get paid pennies for dangerous work in order to provide their children with a half decent meal while the rest of the world has money to spare and even to waste?

– what about the landfills that hold our electronics when we throw out an item to get the newest and latest best product?

and I could go on with stories that break my heart and bring me to tears.

We are a broken world.

I am pleased to see the uproar challenging trophy hunting in relation to Cecil the Lion. I am pleased to see AirLines refusing to bring back the bodies.

We need that same uproar and challenge against how we treat the environment and ALL who live in it. We need to honour the majestic creature of Cecil the Lion – and all who die daily for our own selfishness.

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