Lord, come quickly

Today is the first Sunday in advent. I love advent, a time of waiting and preparing for Christ’s coming. I love how it gives a different focus than commercialism demands of us. I love that it is a time to reflect.

This year as I head into advent, my heart is heavy.

I have the picture of a young (10) refugee boy I met who found a toy gun and enacted what I’m sure he witnessed back “home” before crying out in his own language and shaking in distress because he couldn’t find his family.

I have the stories of the beautiful people I have come to know through ministry through the side door. Stories that would break anyone’s hearts. Children in our own backyards who go to bed crying.

The worldwide events with ISIS, hostages, terrorism, earthquakes, civil war, hurricanes that make home an unsafe place.

This advent, I have a lot of questions. We cry out each year, “Lord, come quickly” – and this year all I can say is “Lord, have mercy”

Today, as I write this, I am comforted in song – “Mercy Now” by Steve Bell, Canadian singer/songwriter.

“Only the hand of Grace could stay the pace
of nature’s rage against us now”

Lord, come quickly… for we could all use a little mercy now.

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