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Revisited: New Year’s Resolutions

Two years ago, I sat at my computer to create a rather ambitious list of resolutions that I knew I’d fail at least one of them by day 2 if not before. That wasn’t the point. The point was to try to reorient my life and make lasting changes of the heart and not just behavioural changes. I knew I wouldn’t succeed – and as I read my list today, I think there is only one that I have consistently maintained over the two years.

Two years later, it’s time to revisit these goals. Some of the goals are impossible even when trying my best. Some goals need to be tweaked to be made possible. Some goals need to be added.

So here we go.

1. To maintain a rhythm of Daily Morning, Mid-Day, Evening and Compline Prayer

2. To immerse myself daily into Scripture

3. To read a book a month and to jot down a few notes of each to be compiled at the end of the year

4. To write every day – whether this be a blog post, a journal entry or a paper – something to keep the writing juices flowing

5. To pray for our political leaders.

6. To accept whatever comes as if it comes from God. To joyfully give thanks in everything, even those things that I do not like or do not understand.

7. To stay on top of readings for school and assignments.

8. To create to do lists and do what is on the list

9. To exercise regularly. To provide a physical outlet for stress and frustration. To lose weight. To increase health.

10. To be gentle with myself. I am quick to say “It is what it is” in refering to other people’s situations but am never that kind to myself. To say to myself only what I would have the courage to say to a friend.

11. To write notes of appreciation and gratitude

12. To make my own coffee. I’ve ‘adopted’ local coffee shops as a way of living missional in the neighbourhood. But the cost of coffee this way is high and my budget is small. I can buy coffee grounds from local stores.

13. To make sure I schedule at least one coffee with a friend each week.

14. Make one new meal a week. I love to cook. Like really really love to cook. I need to do it more.

15. To eat breakfast.

16. To keep Sabbath. Even when it’s hard.

17. To go unplugged for 24 hours at least once a month.

18. To keep my place organized so that I am prepared to offer hospitality at the drop of a hat.

19. To save money. I live under the poverty line but I still seem to have more than I need.

20. To buy what I will eat, and to eat what I buy.

21. To support local businesses.

22. To designate a time each week for chores. I no longer have the luxury of laundry in my own place. And the work I keep meaning to get to seems to take a long time before I actually get to it. But I prefer a tidy kitchen and it’s easier to keep it as such.

23. To snuggle with my beloved cat and bunnies each day, and to enjoy being loved unconditionally by this creature God has given me to care for.

24. To decrease packaged foods or foods with preservatives or other additives.

25. To increase how many foods I will purchase fair trade.

26. To only buy used clothing and dishes. To replenish the stock at second hand stores with items that I no longer use or don’t fit.

27. To only buy books for school.

28. To stay on top of paper work. To file my taxes on time. To catch up on my taxes. To replace my ID when it needs to. To change my address. To file paper work. Basically to be organized.

29. To drink more water every day.

30. To travel somewhere outside the province.

31. To say no if I can’t do something or don’t want to. To weigh each opportunity with what God is calling me to. To remember that the need is not the call.

32. To give generously of my time and resources, remembering that to whom much is given, much is expected.

33. To worry less. To trust that God is with me and that He is big enough to take care of the details of my life.

34. To go to some live music every month. The city has lots of free opportunities along with opportunities that are low in cost.

35. To get outside every day, if only for a walk around the block or to the coffee shop.

36. To remember and acknowledge people’s birthdays. On time.

37. To feel fear or anxiety – and to do it anyways. To take risks and to congratulate myself for doing so. To try new things.

38. To regularly learn about the saints.

39. To wash the dishes before bed.

40. To freely give, and to freely accept,  knowing that all good things are God’s to give and receive.

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